Evil Knevil

Evil Knevil: the story

Evil Knevil steals the teddy bear of a sweet little girl. The sweet little girl goes to find her teddy bear from the underworld.

The way to the underworld looks a bit ‘evil’ like the game ‘Alice’: long tunnels, strange Houses, rats and many other weird looking creatures.

Evil Knevel is lonely and leads a solitary live, he goes on a search of love. He thinks he can find that love in the teddy bear of Suzy, because if he tries to cuddled children, they die in his arms. A teddy bear cannot die therefore it seems like the perfect solution.

Evil Knevil steals Alice her teddy bear, but Alice doesn’t like it. She goes to look for her teddy. She goes on a long journey with many obstacles. At the end of the story she finds her teddy. She cuddles her teddy and dances around. Evil Knevil sees how happy she is, he wants to be as happy as Suzy. He tries to cuddle her and her teddy and Suzy dies in his arms.